Patient Experience Survey

iWantGreatCare (iWGC) is home to our Patient Experience Survey, which includes our Friends and Family Test (FFT). iWGC provides an independent service for feedback on doctors, dentists, other hospitals, GP practices, pharmacies and nursing homes.

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You can still provide positive (compliments) and negative (complaints, PALS) concerns using the existing processes.  Further information can be found within this section, Tell us about your care

Regular feedback from patients about the care and treatment they receive is important to us. The Patient Experience Survey, and original FFT, was introduced to help us understand whether you are happy with the service we provide. It’s a way to gather your feedback about your experiences and helps us to drive improvements. Whether you receive care as an inpatient, outpatient or in our Emergency Departments, you will be given the opportunity to provide your feedback. 

The FFT asks patients “how likely are you to recommend our ward/service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?” You can respond by selecting from a scale, from ‘extremely likely’ to extremely unlikely’.  A follow-up question then asks you why you gave the answer selected.

Your feedback will provide valuable information for us to celebrate positive experiences and also identify areas that require improvements. All answers are given on an anonymous basis and will not be traced back to you.  If you are unable to answer the question or complete the survey a family member or friend can help you.

You do not have to respond to the question - however your feedback will provide valuable information to us to help ensure our patients have the best possible experience of care.

We will gather the results and analyse them to see if any action is required. In addition, services are asked to confirm the action they will take in response to negative feedback.

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