Skull base service

Our team of surgeons, physicians, nursing staff, technicians and support staff work together to produce the best outcomes for patients with conditions affecting the base of the skull.

Key telephone numbers

01708 435000 ext 2088 or 2734

Conditions we commonly treat

  • Vestibular Schwannoma (acoustic neuroma): a common benign tumour of the eighth cranial (hearing) nerve
  • Skull base meningioma: a tumour arising close to the nerves and blood vessels of the skull base
  • Other skull base tumours such as chordoma, epidermoid cyst, paraganglionoma and malignant tumours at the skull base affecting the ear or the nose
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Nerve problems associated with skull base disorders such as facial weakness and eye complications
  • Traumatic conditions affecting nerves and vessels at the skull base

Patients with these conditions require specialist diagnosis and assessment before recommending treatment.  Many patients have benign tumours which may require monitoring with imaging over time.


Surgery is often required where there are significant symptoms, a need for a tissue diagnosis or where there are signs of growth on serial scans.  Surgery can be complex and lengthy, benefitting from the expertise of a dedicated team.

Assessment and care of hearing impairment, facial weakness and visual problems are also paramount.

Targeted radiotherapy is an important option in managing these conditions and for this we work closely with colleagues at the London Gamma Knife Centre.

Key staff

Neurosurgery: Mr Jonathan Pollock
ENT: Mr Gurav Kumar and Mr Hesham Kaddour
Maxillofacial Surgery: Mr Neil Shah and Mr Jeremy Antscherl
Oculoplastic Surgery: Dr Marta Garcia Vilaro
Facial Plastic Surgery: Mrs Kalliroi Tzafetta
Neuroradiology: Dr Sanjiv Chawda and Dr Sharam Derakhshani
Consultant Anaesthetist: Dr Kanthi Raveendran
Neurointensive Care Lead: Dr Sanjay Wijayatilake
Oncology: Dr Louise Dulley, Dr Emma Staples
Neurophysiology Technician: James Wall
Audiology: Lynn Allison
Optometry: Bernadette Mc Carry
Senior Theatre Sisters: Ruth Sparks and Charlotte Lowe
Neuro Specialist nurses: Tricia Lowe and Kim Grove
Ward Managers: Maria Curtin (Sahara B) and Mags O'Grady (Neuro IntensiveTherapy Unit)
Neurosciences Matron: Nicola Dearson
MDT Co-ordinator: Laura Spears
Secretaries: Lisa Solomon and Kerry Wild