Patient Partnership Council

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The role of the Patient Partnership Council

The Patient Partnership Council (PPC) brings our patient partners and our staff together to help improve the quality and safety of the care we provide. The council is our patient forum, helping us to oversee patient and public involvement and providing our organisation with independent and objective recommendations for the way we care for our patients.

The work the council does touches on all aspects of the care we provide, services and pathways, with a particular focus on:

  • emergency care
  • inpatients and outpatients areas
  • care of our vulnerable patients including elderly and those with learning disabilities
  • children and young people
  • care of long term conditions
  • maternity care

The PPC is made up of patient partners (lay members) and our staff, including:

  • eight lay members plus a lay chair and lay vice chair
  • clinical staff including doctors and nurses, and the Deputy Chief Nurse
  • non-clinical staff including the Director of Communications and Head of Patient Experience

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PPC members

  1. Ian James

    I have lived in Havering all of my life and, in 2015, retired from the automotive industry. I’m a keen football fan, supporting a north London club, was a private pilot, and I'm interested in all things to do with aviation.  I also love to travel.

    Queen’s Hospital is my local hospital and, following my retirement, I wanted to give society something back. As a proud supporter of the NHS, offering my time and life experience to King George and Queen’s hospital was the natural thing to do - it was an easy and rewarding decision to make. 

    Apart from my work as chair of this group, I also volunteer on a regular basis at hospitals, particularly in relation to obtaining patient experience feedback.

  2. Victoria Wallen

    I’m Head of Patient Experience in our Trust, with responsibility for our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS), patient experience, voluntary services, our bereavement team and Chaplaincy.

    I’m aware that, every single day, our patients have a range of experiences of the services we provide. By listening to them and asking how we could do better, we have many opportunities to improve.

    King George and Queen’s and hospitals are my local hospitals and I am passionate about continually improving the overall experience patients, relatives and carers have every time they come into contact with our Trust. We’re on a journey towards outstanding and I am very proud to be part of that.

  3. Andrea Leathers

    I represent those with a Learning Disability and am involved to help improve the services the Trust provides those with a Learning Disability. I’ve lived in the London Borough of Redbridge for 40 years and have no plans to move in the near future.  I am a member of the Learning Disability Partnership Board and a representative for Learning Disability on other groups.

    I’m Elvis Presley’s biggest fan and have all of his music and films.

  4. Hugh Padden

    I retired in 2012, having spent my working life in the oil industry, as an engineer, and latterly a safety and environmental advisor, a role that took me all over the world. Following retirement, I ran my own consultancy for 18 months before retiring for good, and then took up an allotment to keep me occupied.  My wife Sue and I enjoy travelling and we can now indulge our pastime more fully. 

    Our family has, over the years, used a wide range of services at the Trust - maternity, paediatrics, surgery, outpatients and the ED. I believe it’s important to put something back into the community, and in the past have served as a Governor at a school that our children attended.  Being involved with the Trust will enable me to put something back into a health service that has supported our family so well. 

  5. Lynn Zanatta

    I am the lay representative for maternity services.  I am also involved with the Maternity Services Liaison Committee at Queen’s Hospital.  I am a local mum of three. I teach Daisy Birthing Active Antenatal classes in Havering and facilitate our local Positive Birth Movement Group.  At the heart of both my voluntary and professional work is a passion to support other women throughout pregnancy and childbirth, helping them to feel more confident and informed about birth. 

    To me, being a member of the Patient Partnership Council offers an opportunity to build the trust and connections between the community and our health trust; a two way process that I hope will steer us all along a pathway towards the best patient experiences within this Trust.

  6. Ron Wright

    I am the lay representative for the emergency department (ED). I am also a member of the Trust’s Organisational Development Steering Group, working to improve the emotional and physical environments for both patients and staff.

    I have lived in Havering for 25 years, worked for the London Fire Brigade for 30 years, before moving into private sector management and then retirement. I have a keen interest in computing and photography, but above all else, I am a family man.

    I strongly believe that by working in partnership, we as patients can help to improve the services the NHS provides. My philosophy is that if I want the very best care for all of us, then that means having the very best staff. If we support, encourage and help our staff, we will attract the very best

    On top of the work I do here, I’m also the chair of my GP practice Patients Participation Group, an active member of Havering Healthwatch, vice chair of the Patient Engagement Forum, and do some voluntary work for NHS England.

  7. Sara Turle

    I am a six-year survivor of cancer, having been treated at Queen’s Hospital. I kept in contact with the Cancer team at the Trust and have since helped with various cancer projects. This was all prior to joining the Improving Patient Experience Group, where I got involved in committee and project work. I was one of the first to present a ‘patient story’ at a Trust Board meeting. 

    I’ve been actively involved in the improvement journey the Trust is travelling, contributing to and supporting initiatives to help make things better for patients. I’m involved in the Patient Partnership Council with a remit for Long Term Conditions. 

  8. Theo Kayode-Osiyemi

    I have over 35 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, both in senior management positions with large multi-nationals and in a number of petroleum company start-ups.

    I’m married with three sons, am the CEO of MEDD Resources, and also run effective Pastoral Council meetings.

  9. Henry Beckett

    I’m the representative for children and young people. I currently attend Coopers Company and Coborn School, studying Biology Chemistry and Further Mathematics. My ambition is to study medicine at university and become a doctor. I’m a very keen rugby player and also enjoy skiing.

    I did work experience at Queen’s Hospital and was so moved by the work of the volunteers, and their positive effect on patients, that I wanted to join them, giving back and offering my services to the Trust. I was driven to take the role on the council, as we are actively change people’s lives and improving patient care and experience. 

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