Our structure

nurse and administrator

Our divisions and support services

Our Trust is made up of a number of clinical divisions plus non-clinical and support services.  

Our clinical divisions

We have six clinical divisions, each run by a Clinical Director, a Divisional Nurse and a Divisional Manager. The divisions report to our Trust Board through our Chief Operating Officer.

Our six divisions are:

  • Acute Medicine
  • Anaesthetics
  • Cancer and Clinical Support (including Outpatients)
  • Specialist Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Women and Child Health

Download our board structure chart [pdf] 314KB and clinical divisional structure chart [pdf] 307KB.

Non-clinical support services

Our Support Services help the organisation to run effectively and efficiently. They include:

  • Communications and Marketing
  • Estates and Facilities
  • Finance
  • Information Technology
  • People and Organisational Development
  • Performance

Our improvement journey

We're working hard to provide outstanding care to our community, delivered with PRIDE.

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