Car parking

a row of parked cars

Before you leave home

Parking at our hospitals is very limited so we encourage you to consider other ways of getting to us.

Perhaps a friend can drop you off, you can cycle, take a taxi cab or use one of the many bus routes that drop you right on site.

Our hospitals are really well served by public transport and we actively encourage our patients, visitors and staff to use these where possible.

Plan your journey for all your travel options

Parking charges

Charges are the same at both King George and Queen's hospitals:

Up to 1 hour £1.20
1 to 2 hours £2.40
2 to 3 hours £3.60
3 to 6 hours £4.80
6 to 9 hours £8.00
9 to 12 hours £12.00
Over 12 hours £18.00
Charge for lost tickets: £18

Charges help us pay for the maintenance and improvements of our car parks so they are safe for you to use throughout the day.

Please note that there is no charge for motorcycles to park at our Trust. Motorcycles are permitted to park in the multi-storey car park or can utilise the bike park, outside near the bus stops.

Parking at King George Hospital

Patients and visitor parking is located behind the NELFT Treatment Centre. Staff parking is at the rear of the hospital.

Blue badge holders

If you are a blue badge holder, you can park for free in the dedicated car parks by the main entrance and near the Treatment Centre. You must pay to park elsewhere.

Paying for your parking

Payment machines are near the Emergency Department, block 6 entrance and at the exit barrier.

All machines have clear instructions, parking charges and parking enforcement information.

Car parks are barrier controlled ‘pay on exit’ and payment can be made by cash or credit card.

Parking at Queen's Hospital

Patient and visitor parking can be found on the ground and first floor of the multi-storey car park. We also have a dedicated parking area for those undergoing cancer treatments. Motorcycle parking is available at the front of the hospital.

There are drop-off bays for the nursery, maternity unit and emergency department.

Blue badge holders

If you’re a blue badge holder, you can park for free in the dedicated car park at the front of the hospital. You must pay to park elsewhere.

Paying for parking

When you enter our car park, take a ticket and pay for your stay before you return to your car. You can pay by cash or debit card.

Surface level car parks are pay and display - please pay by cash when you arrive.

Parking concessions


If you’re staying in hospital, the senior sister or matron on your ward may authorise a parking concession.

  • For the first seven days of treatment, parking will be free of charge
  • Seven to 14 days, parking will be charged a £5 per day
  • Treatments exceeding 14 to a maximum of 21 days, parking will be free of charge
  • Above 21 days, the senior sister of matron will advise if the parking concession should be extended.

If you are receiving treatment for cancer

Parking is free while you attend the hospital for chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments in our oncology and haematology suits.

Patients undergoing cancer treatments at Queen's Hospital can park in the oncology car park, which is next to the Sunflower Suit. Press the buzzer at the barrier for entry.

You may also park here if you are a relative of:

  • a patient receiving end of life or palliative care
  • a patient who is dying
  • a patient with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML)

Please speak to a member of staff for more information.

Expected death of a relative

When our clinicians expect a patient will die, they will call the next of kin and parking will be free of charge. The nurse in charge of your relative’s care will be able to advise further.

Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Unit

If you are visiting a relative in ICU and HDU, your parking will be free of charge for the first five days and then reviewed by the senior sister.

Babies and children

If you are the parent or next of kin of baby or child in SCBU, NICU or Tropical Lagoon (at Queen’s Hospital) or Clover Ward (at King George Hospital), your parking will be free of charge for the first five days and then reviewed by the senior sister.


If you are the birthing partner or next of kin of a mum in established labour, you can park free of charge in the multi-storey car park only. Once mum has been transferred to our post natal ward, normal charges will apply. The midwife in charge of mum’s care will be able to advise further.

Other concessions

Our senior sisters or matrons can give you advice on our concessionary parking charges.

Parking charge notice

Please do park considerately. You will receive a parking charge notice if:

  • you park in a disabled bay or on yellow lines without displaying a valid blue badge
  • you park in a drop off bay
  • you park outside a marked bay
  • you do not have a valid parking ticket
  • you park illegally
  • you block access to our facilities

All parking tickets are administered by Gemini Parking Solutions and hospital staff cannot respond to enquiries about fines. If you would like to dispute a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), please use the contact details on the fine, quoting the reference number.

British Car Parking Association

We are a member of the British Car Parking Association. We aim to have balance between being fair to our patients, visitors and staff, to ensure that our car park are managed well for the good of everyone.

Income from our car parks

Our car parks are not run as a commercial operation. All the money generated from them goes directly to:

  • Maintaining the car parks, including security patrols and CCTV
  • Our sustainability programme, to ensure we're a green organisation
  • Car park management, including staff, cash handling, land rates and charges
  • Travel plan initiatives
  • The staff shuttle bus.

Any additional income is directed to clinical services.