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New position statement on King George Emergency Department

For some years there have been discussions ongoing around the future of the Emergency Department at King George Hospital.

The 2011 strategic plan called Health for North East London (H4NEL) set out a proposal that as part of a broader approach across North East London, the Emergency Department (A&E) at King George should be replaced with an urgent care centre.  

In subsequent years, as things have moved on, this plan has looked less and less appropriate to meet the needs of our communities, so we have been working closely with partners to explore whether this remains the best way forward.

As reported last week, local NHS leaders, MPs and councillors have been holding open, meaningful discussions about the challenges facing our NHS and how best to deliver the care that local people need, with the resources that we have.

We all agree that the original proposals for King George A&E need to be looked at again as part of a wider review of BHRUT’s clinical strategy. We can’t prejudge the results of that work, but we are very clear that it will set out options as to how emergency care will be provided from King George hospital in the future.

We need to look at this in the context of a wider, integrated health and care strategy for our area, so we’ll be looking at what the future shape of both Queen’s and King George hospitals will need to be for the next three years, and beyond, so we can deliver the sustainable, high quality healthcare that local people need.

The work will be led by our clinicians, begin in earnest in the spring and will include a full programme of engagement with local people and other stakeholders. The proposals that come out of it will then need to be agreed by the local NHS and its partners as well as our regulators.

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