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Miracle mum Beatrice on the One Show

Beatrice and baby Rosemary

We’re delighted that our patient, Beatrice Way, appeared in an inspirational short film showed on the BBC’s The One Show on Friday (3 August).

Beatrice, now 42, had a massive stroke in July 2011 and was given a bleak prognosis when taken to her local hospital.

However, her husband Alexander was determined to do everything possible for his wife. She was transferred to our specialist neurological unit at Queen’s Hospital and our neurosurgeon, Hu Liang Low, gave her a hemicraniectomy, removing 40 per cent of her skull to relieve pressure on her brain.

The bone was kept alive by being sewn into a pocket in her abdomen and a further operation was carried out weeks later to put her skull back together.

Throughout her recovery, Beatrice held onto her dream of becoming a mum, giving birth to baby Rosemary in June 2016.

Alexander said: “We were praying for a baby and so many times we could have given up. It’s amazing Beatrice survived, and even more of a miracle that we have Rosemary.

“We hope that hearing our story will give other people hope.”

You can watch the family’s appearance on the One Show via the BBC iPlayer (the Way's story starts around 19 minutes in).

Read more of Beatrice's story.

Pictured above is Beatrice with baby Rosemary (photo: Gill Shaw).

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