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In Conversation With...Freddy Young, service manager, part time DJ and dad of twins!

Freddy Young is our service manager for specialist medicine – he’s also dad to nine-month-old twins, a part-time DJ, and crams so much into his days that he often goes to the gym in the early hours of the morning!

He had planned to run his own mechanics business one day, until a knee injury put paid to that. The NHS started out as a ‘stop-gap’ job, until he discovered just how much he loved it. It’s not too surprising he’s so good in the NHS – his whole family pretty much works here too!

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In Conversation With…Ljiljana Maljenovic, our interim Head of Quality and Safety

Ljiljana worked her way up from a nurse on our children’s ward to our Interim Head of Quality and Safety in ten years at our Trust – which is amazing considering after she moved to the UK from Croatia at just 17, married her childhood sweetheart and had her two children, she thought her dream of becoming a nurse may never happen!

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In Conversation With...intensive care consultant Edmond Smithers

Our intensive care consultant Edmond Smithers has been at our Trust for 20 years. He became a doctor as it took less years to train for that than to be an architect, although his earliest dream was to be an astronaut!

He’s happily married to Dutch wife Karin, despite the fact they married in her Netherlands homeland in a stately home called Huis de Voorst (pronounced house divorced!)

And when he’s not caring for our patients he’s doing his other job, being a part-time taxi driver for his two children.

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In Conversation With...Pat Becker, champion of our pain management programme

In a special edition of In Conversation With, we spoke to Pat Becker, who isn’t a member of staff at our Trust - she’s a champion of our pain management programme, run by our chronic pain service, after it transformed her life!

The 80-year-old grandmother of five and soon to be great-grandmother of six, first began to experience back pain when she was just 16 following a motorbike accident on her first date with her husband-to-be.

She hasn’t let her pain get in the way of holding down a job over the years, spending a few years working in a gun factory before taking on a more sedate role in a newsagent where she stayed for almost three decades!

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In Conversation With...Diane Webber, a dedicated nurse who has worked at our Trust for 50 years

Diane Webber has been a nurse in our Trust for 50 years, and what’s kept her doing the job she loves for so long is the people – our patients and staff!

She’s so passionate about what she does that she inspired her son Simon to follow her into nursing.

She recently helped organise a reunion of 13 nurses who all started their training together at Oldchurch Hospital in 1969. They reminisced over how things have changed over the last five decades in the NHS – and how they would sneak in through the window of their nurses’ quarters if coming back after curfew!

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In Conversation With...our award-winning pharmacy technician Maisie Hart

Maisie may only be 23, but she has worked for our Trust for five years, working her way up from pharmacy assistant to pharmacy technician. She was amazed at the opportunities offered here, joining us from McDonald’s, where she once thought she may be stuck forever!

Despite loving her job at our Trust much more than at the golden arches, she is grateful for everything her former employer taught her as in her own words, ‘in both roles I am assembling an order, whether food or medicine.’ She credits her experience there for equipping her to deal with a busy and high pressured environment.

She’s also been recognised for her hard work by being named Pharmacy Professional of the Month for her quick thinking when she spotted that a patient was on double the dose of lithium than she should have been.

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In Conversation With...Janet Copp, a haematology nurse who's worked in the NHS for over 40 years

Janet has been a nurse for over 40 years since developing a love of first aid when she was a little girl. She’s been at our Trust for more than 30 years.

Her favourite thing about being a nurse? Besides her patients and her colleagues, she loves that no two days are ever the same. We’re just grateful she stuck it out after being set up with a bed pan on one of her first shifts! Read on to find out more…

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In Conversation With...Olivia Sanders, our lead interventional radiographer

Olivia Sanders is our lead interventional radiographer, whose impulsive nature has led her down some interesting paths – from deciding on a whim to be a radiographer (after she had an x-ray aged 16 when she broke her elbow falling over in her new shoes!), and deciding to become a local councillor.

As well as her role at our Trust, and responsibilities to her constituents, she also helps run her family’s wedding business. Oh, and she looked after a cat for a colleague for what was meant to be six weeks, but Mr Kitty still lives with her!

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