Our Audiology team offers a range of services including:

  • hearing tests
  • hearing aid fitting and repairs, and
  • tinnitus help, support and therapy

Key telephone numbers

Reception: 01708 503 579

We offer a range of hearing services:

  • diagnostic support to the Ear, Nose and Throat department for hearing and balance for adults and children aged three  and over
  • pre-operative hearing tests for adults and children
  • tinnitus help, support and therapy
  • on-going support for hearing aid users (including fittings)
  • hearing aid repairs and adjustments
  • information on how to acquire environmental aids and referrals to social services for help and advice
  • home visits for patients who are housebound or who are on oxygen and unable to travel to the department (hearing aid users only)
  • GP direct referral for hearing aid service (50 years and over)


First floor, Team 2 Outpatients (Purple Zone) at Queen's Hospital. We are located up the stairs / escalator from the main atrium and then right along the landing.

Our reception is on your left on entering Team 2 and is open between 9am - 12.30pm and 1.30 - 5pm.

Other locations: Hearing aid services in Ilford and for King George Hospital are covered by Whipps Cross University Hospital – 020 8970 8025.

Key staff

Lead nurse/AHP - Lynn Allison is the Head of Audiology and Virginia Westlake is the Deputy Head of the department.

Elaine Edgeworth is the Senior Audiology Receptionist.

Other information

Is there a walk-in service for repairs?

There is no walk-in service for repairs but you can collect your batteries at any time during the hours our reception office is open or from the main hospital reception desk.

Can I have a smaller hearing aid?

There are different sized hearing aids but it depends on the severity of your hearing loss. 

Can I have a wire instead of an ear mould?

The “Life tube” wire type fitting is not suitable for all types of hearing loss.

How long do I have to wait for an appointment to have my hearing aid repaired?

Usually not more than one to three days.

Information sheets

Patient info play audio.[pdf] 161KB

Patient info Caloric.pdf 163KB

Clinics and health centres[pdf] 216KB

Patient info speech test.[pdf] 160KB

Patient info tympanometry.[pdf] 313KB

Retubing your earmould.[pdf] 290KB

Cleaning your earmould [pdf] 461KB