Our consultants

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Title Surname First name(s) Service
Dr Ahmad Mir Accident and emergency
Dr Ahmed Mas Paediatrics
Dr Ahmed Munir Gastroenterology
Dr Al Haj Alaadin Radiology
Dr Al-Assir Imad Radiology
Dr Al-Okati Dhafir Pathology
Mr Al-Sabti Ali Trauma and orthopaedics
Mr Alam Mahbub Trauma and orthopaedics
Mr Ali Ahmed Trauma and orthopaedics
Dr Alsaffar Anwar Obstetrics and gynaecology
Dr Amin Kawa Care of the elderly and geriatrics
Mr Ansari Gulrez Ophthalmology
Dr Ansari Afzal Care of the elderly and geriatrics
Dr Apps Michael Respiratory
Mr Arvin Barbak Neurology
Dr Ashraf Waseem Gastroenterology
Dr Balachandra Thiru Radiology
Dr Ball Simon Oncology
Mr Ballaro Andrew Urology
Mr Banerjee Saswata General surgery
Dr Banerjee Kausik Paediatrics
Dr Bano Farida Obstetrics and gynaecology
Dr Basharat Syeda Hajra Radiology
Dr Bastianpillai Balendran Anaesthetics and intensive care medicine
Dr Bates Claire Palliative medicine
Dr Beaton Kirsty Oncology
Mr Benjamin Jonathan Neurology
Dr Bettany Edward Gastroenterology
Mr Bhargava Aman Colorectal
Mr Brecknell John Neurology
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