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Easy meaningful ways to transform the patient experience

A patient receiving treatment for cancer from a smiling nurse

I was recently an in-patient and I wanted to share my perspective and observations, relevant to all of us. I am fortunate to be under the care of excellent teams at a centre of excellence. The care I have received has been largely outstanding and is why when it is not, the patient becomes acutely aware of those moments.

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Engagement - what we need to do to get to do what we want to do

As I approach my full year at our Trust, I am reflecting on my experiences as your Medical Director. The responsibility has been extraordinary in its ability to be all consuming; it is at times the toughest job I have ever done defined not by the nature of the challenges but the volume and sense of internal urgency and pace to make us the safest Trust in the NHS.

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Teams, in teams, in teams

Next week is a key moment for us all in our journey towards becoming a resilient, reliable and sustainable provider of health and healthcare for the large, fantastically diverse, growing population we serve. The journey of improvement did not start this year or after the last CQC visit, but well before then.

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My third blog

As I enter my fourth week as your Medical Director, I am more certain then ever why I carry my responsibilities with pride for the staff that depend on each other and for patients who seek our understanding and compassion for their fears.

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My first week

A fascinating week with a rapidly filling diary and inbox but with time to meet and listen to many compassionate, caring people proud of what they do.

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