Interview and assessment

If you've submitted a good application, you may be invited to come to an interview. This page gives some tips on how to prepare and what to expect at your interview. 

For some vacancies you will be invited to come to an assessment centre in addition to, or instead of, an interview. 

Preparing for your interview

Do your research about our hospitals and the department you are being interviewed for.

You can find information in About us and Our services.

Prepare for the interview questions. Read through the job description, person specification and your application. The questions you are asked will relate to these documents, so have a think about what you may be asked and prepare your answers in advance. You may also want to prepare some questions of your own for the panel.

Think about your appearance. It's not just what you say that makes an impression; it's also how you look. Make sure you are dressed smartly for your interview.

Plan your journey. There can often be delays, so leave plenty of time to avoid getting caught out. 

If you're early, you can always spend the time going through your notes. If you are delayed for any reason, make sure you call ahead to let your interviewers know.

Switch off your mobile before you enter the room. 

After your interview

Try to remember the questions and your responses, as this may help you to improve your performance in the future.

Whether successful or not, ask for feedback so you can learn from the experience and prepare for the next step.   

Remember, if you are not successful this time, you may want to apply again, so use feedback constructively.

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