Healthwatch Enter and View visits

Healthwatch observe and gather information through the experiences of you, your friends and family and staff to assess the quality and standard of our care. They can also recommend improvements we can make to our services.

Enter and view is carried out under Section 186 of the Health and Social Act 2012. It imposes duties on our Trust to allow authorised representatives of Healthwatch to visit our hospitals and carry out observations.

Healthwatch is the local independent consumer champion for health and social care. Their aim is to give you a stronger voice to influence and challenge how health and social care services are provided in your borough.

Our action plans

Healthwatch report on their visits and we produce an action plan in response. For more information about our responses to the reports and our action plans, email our Patient Experience Team.


Tropical Lagoon and Tropical Bay areas

Ambulance waiting area at Queen's Hospital

 Emergency Department

Mandarin A ward

Your local Healthwatch

For more information about Healthwatch in your area or their Enter and View observations, visit:

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