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Leading the PRIDE Way

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This week has been an exciting and inspiring time for me. We have launched The Pride Way for Leaders; our leadership training in our quality improvement approach. Our ambition is to make our hospitals even safer for patients. Our first 40 leaders have started the six month training programme, in partnership with the Virginia Mason Institute, to be able to facilitate improvement activities in their areas, with their people, using lean improvement tools.

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Maximising the true value of meaningful conversations to drive improvement

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As the Chief Executive of a hospital trust that serves over one million local people, it’s easy for me to see the value that great communication and public relations can bring to my business. Recently, one of my consultant colorectal surgeons tweeted that our communications director is the person who helps us shout the loudest when we do well and reflect when we don’t. However, it surprises me that many organisations fail to look beyond the fire-fighting capability of communications teams and in doing so fail to maximise the true value of meaningful conversations that can help to drive improvement.

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Secret recipe of retention

Is there a secret recipe that inspires people to work at our hospitals?

I recently met John Owens, a Therapy Technician, as he retired from our hospitals after 44 years of outstanding service. It reminded me of a question I have often asked myself – What is the secret recipe that inspires people to work here? And what are the reasons behind why some of our staff develop successful careers with us over an extended period of years?

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The give and the get

Last week I attended the first of a series of meetings with colleagues from the Trust Development Authority (TDA), Virginia Mason Institute (VMI) and the other four trusts in the Virginia Mason programme. This day and half event was in effect the launch of the partnership, and left me with a lot to think about.

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Something to be proud of

Next week I celebrate my one year anniversary of being Chief Executive at Queen’s and King George hospitals, so I thought I’d share with you some thoughts about what I have been most proud of since I arrived – a question I was asked during my recent twitter chat.

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At the heart of it all

Looking back over my career there have been many things that I have been proud of. There have also been times when I have been able to reflect and learn from things I should or could have done differently or better – times when I could have done more to put my patients’ needs first.

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